Greater Victoria Construction Skills Council -

Ledine consulting is the contractor for this agency's web site and all advertising media. Ledine developed the site's logo, print material, presentations, web site - and strives to maintain the corporate identity throughout all its media. I've learned a lot about the construction industry and have found its surprisingly interesting. If I was a younger person again, I'd take a serious look at a career within the trades sector.

McAdams Foundation for Children

This organization provides financial assistance to physically and mentally challenged young people in Greater Victoria and on Vancouver Island. When you are in the business of handing out money...well, you can imagine. To discourage those that aren't serious, the foundation doesn't post an email or street address on their site. Applicants must write a letter and send it to their post office box.

Accutemp Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Ledine Consulting developed the web site several years ago simply to establish a presence on the web. The company has decided to take a more active internet role, incorporating customer accounts and interactive information. The site is currently being reconstructed by Ledine Consulting. Ledine also produces Accutemp's print media and advertising.

Accutemp 15 Point Maintenance Inspection

Accutemp's beloved van logo was developed by Ledine and has been successful because of it's versatility. The van wears many hats - changing costumes frequently to fit the event or purpose of ad. This sub-site is dedicated to information on yearly maintenance inspections.