We work WITH our clients to provide complete marketing packages that maintain the integrity of their corporate image throughout all aspects of the business or project.

How does Ledine Consulting benefit your business or project?
Understanding the purpose and goals of our clients' business or project comes first! Then we design all the media under one roof!
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design and maintenance
  • Brochures and Posters
  • Advertisements for Print
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Powerpoint or Flash Presentations
  • Marketing gadgets such as magnets, mouse pads, etc.
  • Marketing CD's
Avoid paying more than you need to!
Having all the graphics and design tools in one place can save time, therefore money. Using the same designer that already understands the image you want to project and has the tools on hand can save even more time on each project.
Avoid the hassle...
of sending your logos and graphics to different designers and hope you have the right format they need or that they don't distort it. Ensure the use of consistent colors, fonts, etc.
Avoid inconsistent ads...
that look nothing like your posters, brochures, or website.
Avoid poor interpretations...
of what different designers think your corporate image is.